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In this course, you will learn how to choose what is most suitable for you every day, moment by moment.

You will learn how to properly use the concept of I CHOOSE to live the life you envision.

When you make a choice, all the forces of the universe align in the direction of your thoughts, attention, and energy. That's when the magic happens.


How to formulate an intention correctly?

Applying the essential key in the process of thinking and manifestation to attract everything you desire in all areas of your life.

What sabotages your manifestation?

Identifying the thoughts and situations that sabotage you in your daily life and how you can easily counteract them using the right affirmations.

How to have successful relationships?

Practicing how to pray for others and the relationship between you in the only way that respects their free will, whether it's a life partner or a business partner.


This concept appeared in my life five years ago. I successfully practiced it in my life, manifesting everything from professional success and visibility to abundance and a new level of health and vitality.

I then received a channeled message that explained how we can pray for others and attract towards us the things we desire in relation to them, how to resolve situations in our favor that are not solely dependent on us, and how to counteract negative thoughts and anxiety.

And this was not written in any book. I enthusiastically shared it with those close to me and my clients, and I witnessed the miraculous results they experienced.

The time has come to pass it on, in an accessible and easily applicable way, here and now.

Nicoleta Ghiriș

You get access to

3 modules of video course of 30 minutes

Course 1

What is the concept of I Choose and how you can use it to achieve everything you desire, in any area of your life.

Course 2

How you can counteract negative thoughts, anxiety, and external situations that can undermine your choice.

Course 3

"Can I manifest a relationship with X, even if he/she doesn't want to?" Discover how you can manifest in relation to others.

1 BONUS video module with the real experiences and results obtained by 5 of those who have used the Choice method.

Ask and you will receive.

Thoughts are energy and the most precious gift, and choices made with thought define our life.

How many times during a day do you let your mind overwhelmed by thoughts you can't control? Do you often find yourself stuck in an unchangeable past or just dreaming of a future that doesn't seem to come anymore?

If you want to reclaim your power and truly live HERE, NOW, in a way that fulfills you, I strongly invite you to say Yes to this course.

Information obtained at the right moment is more precious than gold.

Discover how you can change your life thought by thought, choice by choice.

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